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hi i'm arty and this is my blog for talk and doodles about videogames!! SOMETIMES NSFW!!
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keterok asked: Well, you write me: "It’s not RACIST BECAUSE I SAY SO." But i clearly described why I'm not a racist. And you know what that means? This means that either you are a stubborn dumb-ass, or you do not know how to read. Choose! :)




I’m gonna lay this out in as simple terms as I can because I get the impression you’re ESL? (I apologize if I’m mistaken and either way don’t mean that as an insult towards your capabilities.) So here we go. Get excited.

The reason people are saying what you’ve done is racist is because of a practice known as white-washing. It is a long, old practice where the presence and appearances of a black, asian, middle-eastern or any non-white character or figure is changed to be white instead. It is a very insulting and very harmful thing to do because it removes what limited representation and importance non-whites have in fiction, history and art. It comes with the implication that white people are prettier, more interesting or more entertaining than non-whites. Even if you don’t say or mean that, that is the reason it’s always been done.

So taking a character who is already black and making them white looks really bad with that kind of behaviour being the norm! And the fact you continued to do so openly and maliciously with a cheeky U MAD? just made you look like a super big tool. Maybe you didn’t know about white-washing; maybe you’ve never come across it before? (At least not doing so and recognizing it for what it is. I promise you’ve seen media that’s done it cuz it’s EVERYWHERE.) But either way, rather than ask why you shouldn’t or look into why white Clem is bad news, you just went ahead and gave people who were upset by it a fat middle finger which made you look even worse.

You can SAY you’re not racist and insist what you did was equally un-racist. But it doesn’t change the fact that it WAS. You also did not even remotely explain why you’re not when you trotted out an overwhelmingly racist response to people being peeved at your inaccurate and likely hurtful art. You might not have had racist intent when you drew Clem and Lee the way you did, but you’ve still got a huge racist outcome on your hands. And honestly, if your idea of damage control is to write me and call me a dumb-ass, I’m gonna have to go with option C to your question: that you’re kind of goofballs.

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erarg asked: watching starladder and funn1k is using ur treants and i thought that was cute


omg…… little gleb

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nicromanser reblogged your post:
and nyx

NYX i fucking KNEW i forgot someone!!!! ty!!!

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there ARE strong hot milfs in dota we just cannot see them

have faith my children, the milfs are there

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sanesaga replied to your post: “i like thinking about the prominence of Goddesses in the dotaverse We…”:
Not to mention Hera didn’t tolerate any of Zeus’s womanizing and stripped him of his immortality and kicked him out of the house

zeus is the only god mentioned.. in the entire lore.. as far as im aware

and he’s a total asshole

the omniscience is a shader fucker but is a concept and thus is not gendered

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i like thinking about the prominence of Goddesses in the dotaverse

We have Scree’auk, Verodicia, Medusa’s mother, Selemene, Nyctasha

in summary:

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so i was looking through the techies update page


and i thought “hey, prophet’s face reminds me of something”

so i spent a good ten minutes trying to remember what it was

and then i realized


jesus christ

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I KEEP POSTING TO THE WRONG BLOG UGH!! i need a new icon holy shit

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tanku said: this is the saddest thing i have ever seen in my life ever



tanku said: this is the saddest thing i have ever seen in my life ever


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